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‘Deacon’ is a multi-media composition which was commissioned by MED EL UK LTD and was composed to appeal to the listening preferences of cochlear implant users as part of  Zack’s PhD research.  Numerous factors relating to the perception of music (pitch perception or timbre identification, for example), can have a considerable impact on the musical experience of CI-users. This, coupled with the relationships that people have with music and the importance that people place on it personally, socially and culturally, manifests itself in different ways with regard to the evaluation (and future pursuit) of musical experience. For example, some people are very disheartened by their experiences of implant-mediated music and may rate it poorly or wish to shun it entirely, whereas others are compelled to embrace musical experiences. This musical was designed to appeal to the general listening preferences of cochlear implant users in an attempt to encourage a positive musical experience.

The following is a playlist of the entire musical.  If you would like to receive a DVD and CD copy of the musical then please contact Zack.


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