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YMI Demo and Rehearsal Project

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Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of being involved with a fantastic project run by CP Productions, involving Garry Boyle, Craig Ross and myself. The project has went from strength to strength and we are currently half way through the 4th year so I felt it was a good time to write a bit about it.

The project is funded by the Youth Music Initiative, through Creative Scotland and affords young musicians (aged up to 25 years old) an opportunity to work with music industry mentors (professional musicians, composers and audio engineers), over a six month period in order to write, record, produce, publicise and sell their own music. It is based on the idea that:

Many young people make music unsupervised and independently, perhaps in their bedrooms or garage. Whilst there are a number of support mechanisms for professional musicians, acts, bands and ensembles, there is a lack of support for young people who want to get involved in the music industry and are at the early stages of their musical career.

(Creative Scotland)

Although a number of studios and professionals in Scotland have received funding to run this project, our specific approach comprises three stages, namely; (a) a pre-production phase in which the bands work with the project mentors in order to develop their ideas and create original material, (b) a recording/mixing phase in which the bands are given access to Castlesound and The Depot studios and a professional audio engineer to record, mix and master their music, and (c) a publicity/release phase in which bands (guided by their mentors and other music industry professionals) release and publicise their recordings.

The project is an excellent opportunity for young bands and musicians to produce extremely high quality recordings but it goes further by fostering and developing musicianship skills and a comprehension of the professional and commercial environments in which working musicians exist. As such, I believe that the project is hugely valuable for young musicians and I am very glad to be involved as a mentor. The following Soundcloud provides a sample of one track from each band that has been involved with the project over the last three years. This really shows the quality of the work that has taken place and we are all very proud of the music and the bands that this project has helped to create. Please check out the music below and give some support to these excellent acts! Also, keep your eyes peeled for a fresh batch coming through in October!

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