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Drake Music Scotland Collaboration – PART 2


In a previous post, I wrote a brief introduction to a project I am working on in collaboration with Drake Music Scotland and CP Productions (Supported by Creative Scotland).  This project is really starting to take shape now and we are only about 3 weeks away from the studio session.  The music we are working on is a 3 ‘movement’ piece with each movement/section composed by an individual member of the ensemble.  We are working on the idea of ‘ascending from the deep’ in which the first section represents the dark, murky depths of the ocean; the second section represents the surface of the sea, including waves crashing and breaking onto the coastline and cliffs; and the third section depicts the air above the ocean/coastline and also alludes to the seabirds etc that occupy this space.  This short video gives a quick insight into the 3rd of these sections:

Musicians in this example are making use of some interesting technologies (and approaches) to play this music. Programs like Thumb-Jam and Notion are being used here to allow the musicians, some of which have some restricted movement, to play independently and expressively within the ensemble context.

I am really looking forward to the rest of this process and to seeing this music come to fruition.  We have some exciting ideas for releasing it and I will share more information in future updates.

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