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Drake Music Scotland Collaboration – PART 3


This is another update on the collaboration with Drake Music Scotland which is run with CP Productions and supported by the Youth Music Initiative (via Creative Scotland).  The last couple of weeks have been great and this project is coming along beautifully.  With less than two weeks to go until the studio session at Castlesound, we are making great progress and some lovely music!

Drake Harbour Day_15Given that the theme of this piece is moving from the bottom of the ocean, up through the tumultuous waves and into the air, we decided that it would be a great idea to ‘collect’ some sounds that would help us create this feel.  So, a couple of weeks ago we all met at Musselburgh Harbour with some lovely recording equipment and rain jackets, fully prepared to capture whatever was thrown at us.  Given that this was October in Edinburgh we anticipated raging storms, thunder and lightening, high swells, crashing waves and whistling wind.  Instead we were greeted with one of the most tranquil days of the season (see the picture!) and not one but two rainbows framing the harbour walls as if to add poetic insult to our thwarted plans of capturing the storm.

dhdDespite this, it was a great session and led to some lovely recordings that we are using in all sorts of interesting ways, including creating samples for a ‘water-drumkit’ (all will become clear).  Not only was this session good fun and productive in terms of ‘collecting’ sounds, it was also very useful in helping to provide inspiration for the music and to make links to imagery.

One more rehearsal to go and then the big day – we’re all looking forward to it.  In addition to the music, we’re going to film the session and create a documentary of the process of developing this piece which is very exciting!  More info to follow…

Thanks again to Drake Music Scotland, Creative Scotland, The Youth Music Initiative and CP Productions for all their support with this wonderful project.  I’m really looking forward to sharing the results!

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