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Moth Mind
Moth Mind

This is just a wee 60-second demo of anothe piece for the ‘broken’ music EP that I am working on (as per the previous two posts in this section).  I think there will be 5 tracks in total!  I like this one because it feels like the music is being distracted and changing direction erratically…

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Tele Bridge
YMI Demo and Rehearsal Project

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of being involved with a fantastic project run by CP Productions, involving Garry Boyle, Craig Ross and myself. The project has went from strength to strength and we are currently half way through the 4th year so I felt it was a good time to…

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Fallen 5
I Don’t Need To

A quick demo of another idea that I have for a piece which will be part of the series of music blending technology and instruments.  Again, as with the previous one ‘Rat’s Eye View‘ this piece has the distinct impression of being ‘broken’ in some way but is far more menacing.  I am looking forward…

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In an attempt to really engage in some self promotion this year, I have created a ‘showreel’ to promote some of my composition/production work, which covers a range of genres, moods and styles.

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DIALOGUES bonus lost in transition
Lost in Transition

It was about time that the website had a bit of an update and, (un)fortunately, a hacker provided me with the perfect opportunity to do so by crashing my website. So, now there is a new site which is a bit easier on the eye, I think. The downside is that a lot of the…

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Rat’s Eye View

This is just a wee test demo of a piece that I have been working on which is part of a series of pieces which blend musical instruments and digital technology. I like musical sounds that feel as if they are damaged or broken in some way and I find that the interaction between the…

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This section of the site is going to be used as a way to share sketches of music that I am working on (or trying to…!).  I think it will be a good way to keep things moving and fresh rather than festering away at the back of my mind or in an abandoned Logic…

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‘Deacon’ is a multi-media composition which was commissioned by MED EL UK LTD and was composed to appeal to the listening preferences of cochlear implant users as part of  Zack’s PhD research.  Numerous factors relating to the perception of music (pitch perception or timbre identification, for example), can have a considerable impact on the musical…

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