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Their music is meticulously made, melodic, and knowingly nodding to the ideas and sounds of the classical and jazz worlds. In a weird way this respect for tradition makes them more radical than their peers, at least in the current climate. RaveChild Perfect intricate lines and delicate textures…beautifully recorded! BBC Radio Scotland My most recent…

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In an attempt to really engage in some self promotion this year, I have created a ‘showreel’ to promote some of my composition/production work, which covers a range of genres, moods and styles.

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‘Deacon’ is a multi-media composition which was commissioned by MED EL UK LTD and was composed to appeal to the listening preferences of cochlear implant users as part of  Zack’s PhD research.  Numerous factors relating to the perception of music (pitch perception or timbre identification, for example), can have a considerable impact on the musical…

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