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Improvisation Workshop ILW2014
Communicative Improvisation

I was recently asked to run a workshop on ‘Communicative Improvisation’ for the University of Edinburgh as part of their ‘Innovative Learning Week‘.  I have led many workshops on improvisation in the past, some focussed specifically on jazz, some on pop/rock, some on free-improv or improvisation for dance, for example, but never on ‘communicative improvisation’.…

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drake cropped
‘The Deep’ by The Digital Quartet

Having outlined the YMI project that I was working on recently in three previous posts, I will not go into much detail here.  The previous posts are:  Part 1       Part 2      Part 3 This project has now concluded and the results have been incredible.  Specifically, The Digital Quartet have now launched…

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Drake Music Scotland Collaboration – PART 3

This is another update on the collaboration with Drake Music Scotland which is run with CP Productions and supported by the Youth Music Initiative (via Creative Scotland). The last couple of weeks have been great and this project is coming along beautifully. With less than two weeks to go until the studio session at Castlesound, we are making great progress and some lovely music!

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Mesmer banner

Their music is meticulously made, melodic, and knowingly nodding to the ideas and sounds of the classical and jazz worlds. In a weird way this respect for tradition makes them more radical than their peers, at least in the current climate. RaveChild Perfect intricate lines and delicate textures…beautifully recorded! BBC Radio Scotland My most recent…

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PT Screen Shot
Where to Draw the Line…?

I have been writing and recording a reasonable amount of new music recently and have, inevitably, been using various DAWs (digital audio workstations). During the recording and editing phases I have availed myself of some of the many tools available that allow one to ‘polish’ (at best) or even ‘reconstruct’ (at worst) the original recorded…

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Tele Bridge
YMI Demo and Rehearsal Project

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of being involved with a fantastic project run by CP Productions, involving Garry Boyle, Craig Ross and myself. The project has went from strength to strength and we are currently half way through the 4th year so I felt it was a good time to…

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In an attempt to really engage in some self promotion this year, I have created a ‘showreel’ to promote some of my composition/production work, which covers a range of genres, moods and styles.

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DIALOGUES bonus lost in transition
Lost in Transition

It was about time that the website had a bit of an update and, (un)fortunately, a hacker provided me with the perfect opportunity to do so by crashing my website. So, now there is a new site which is a bit easier on the eye, I think. The downside is that a lot of the…

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