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Pins and Needles

The penultimate wee 60-second demo sample from the ‘broken’ music EP that I am working on (as per the previous three posts in this section).  This idea has been buzzing around for a while now and it was about time that I got it down. More ‘broken’ samples soon – then an EP!

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PT Screen Shot
Where to Draw the Line…?

I have been writing and recording a reasonable amount of new music recently and have, inevitably, been using various DAWs (digital audio workstations). During the recording and editing phases I have availed myself of some of the many tools available that allow one to ‘polish’ (at best) or even ‘reconstruct’ (at worst) the original recorded…

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Tele Bridge
YMI Demo and Rehearsal Project

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of being involved with a fantastic project run by CP Productions, involving Garry Boyle, Craig Ross and myself. The project has went from strength to strength and we are currently half way through the 4th year so I felt it was a good time to…

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